NewLeaf gets clearance to start selling tickets

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The low-cost airline NewLeaf travel has been given permission to start selling tickets for their flights in Canada. The airline based in Winnipeg announced in January that they’ll be offering fares as low as 89$ and as high as 149$ between 7 Canadian cities. There will be fees for extras, such as snacks and drinks, meaning the fares is for the seat only, making NewLeaf a “no frills” company.

The airline hoped to start operations in January, but a review of the licensing requirements by the Canadian Transport Agency didn’t allow NewLeaf to start service.
As a result the airline had to refund all the tickets sold and suspended operations until the end of the review job by the CTA.

NewLeaf’s plan is based on reselling other airlines’ seats, in particular Flair Airlines’ seats, which operates a fleet of Boeing 737-400s.

Late Tuesday, the CTA cleared NewLeaf to start operations by announcing that resellers don’t need to hold their own license, but the airline operating the flights does, in fact Flair Airlines is a licensed carrier.

This gives NewLeaf clearance for takeoff. The CEO of the re-seller said “This is a victory for Canadian travelers, we are determined to bring the low-cost air travel pricing to the Canadian marketplace. With the completion of the CTA review, we will resume booking in the very near future”.

The airline will be based in Winnipeg, with hubs in Kelowna and Hamilton serving a total of 7 cities:

  • Abbotsford, B.C.
  • Halifax.
  • Hamilton.
  • Kelowna, B.C.
  • Regina.
  • Saskatoon.
  • Winnipeg.

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