Ground collision in Jakarta involving a Batik Air Boeing 737 and a TransNusa ATR-42

A Batik Air Boeing 737-800, registered PK-LBS performing flight ID-7703 with 49 passengers and 7 crew, was rolling for takeoff on runway 24 at 19:55L (12:55Z) when its left wing entangled the vertical tail and left wing of a Transusa Avions de Transport Regional ATR-42-600, registered PK-TNJ, that was crossing the runway under tow to an hangar and separated most of the vertical tail plane as well as the left wing from the ATR, the left tank ruptured and both aircraft caught fire.

Indonesia’s Ministry of Transport reported the Boeing was taxiing for departure while the ATR was getting moved by tow to an hangar. Ground observers, instead reported that the 737 was already on the takeoff roll when the ATR entered the runway about 1280 meters/4200 feet down the runway. The 737 rejected the takeoff but couldn’t stop in time.

Radar data suggests the Boeing was moving at a speed over ground of 110 knots when the crew rejected the takeoff and came to a stop 500 meters/1650 feet past the intersection of the only crossing taxiway.

The collision and fire damage in PK-LBS (Image copyright: Tunas Kelapa)

The collision and fire damage on PK-TNJ (Image copyright: Tunas Kelapa)


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