Delta said to be near a new order as plane makers scrape for deals

Delta Airlines is about to make a decision on upgrading their single-aisle fleet as four plane makers bid furiously to win the new contract.

_MG_0983-1Image copyright: Eric Monsen

Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier and Embraer are competing to win the contract as the second largest us carries is looking for a replacement for its McDonnell Douglas MD-88s for shirt domestic flights. Delta could make a decision as early as this month.

The highest stake is for Bombardier, which is still trying to find a US customer for its brand-new and struggling CSeries aircraft, as United placed orders for the 737 twice this year instead of the CSeries. Delta said in January that it was considering the CSeries as they phase out some of their smallest jets.

The airline is considering replacing the whole 116-plane fleet of MD-88s with a single order.

Among other options from Airbus, Boeing and Embraer, Delta is also considering buying the CS300, the largest member of the C Series by Bombardier. The CS300, which seats a maximum of 160 passenger, could easily replace the quarter-century old MD-88s, which carry between 130 and 145.


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