Rayani Air stops operations temporarily, but will make a comeback

Faced with criticisms for their unsatisfactory service, Rayani Air, the first Shariah-compliant airline, issued an apology to their customers on April 10.

Image copyright: placesandfoods.com22849188151_9501138f48_cThe airline’s CEO, Mr Ravi, said the airline is saddened by the shortcomings in its services and promised to become better after their comeback.

The CEO pointed out that his airline was still new to the airline industry and still has much to learn.

“Do continue supporting our airline. May this company remain relevant for all, regardless of color and creed and keep soaring high”, Mr Ravi said.

Rayani Air has alter its operations since Friday until further notice t restructure the company, after a pilot strike forced at least three flight cancellations.

The Transport Minister said that the DCA will issue Rayani Air a temporary suspension for not respecting the conditions of its Air Operators’ Certificate. He also added that the DCS will determine if Rayani Air will be able to continue operations after this provisional suspension.

The airline had been hit with allegations of sabotage, flight delays and cancellations as well as being investigated after it had issued handwritten boarding passes to passengers last month. 


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