Passenger dies onboard Qantas QF9

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On Saturday (Apr 9) a passenger died onboard Dubai-bound QF9 from Melbourne. The man was reportedly suffering from a heart attack. The flight diverted to Muscat, Oman due to the medical emergency but did not make it in time to save the man.

“Our crew did everything they could, including helping perform CPR with a doctor who was on board, but unfortunately the passenger passed away before the flight landed” Qantas said. “Our thoughts are with the passenger’s family.”

Qantas has not given any further information about the passenger or what happened onboard for privacy reasons.

Channel NewsAsia said in their article covering the story:
The patient was being treated on the floor in the middle of everyone. He died before they could land and when they landed a string of people came on board to examine the situation.

“About an hour later they removed the body and distraught wife and travelling companions.”

Earlier this week, the same flight from Melbourne to Dubai was three hours into its journey when one of its engines had a “slight vibration issue” and the aircraft was diverted to Sydney, the airline said.


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