Boeing has started contacts with Iranian airlines

Boeing has started talks with Iranian airlines in the country’s post-sanctions era during a three day visit to Tehran. 

Image copyright: The Boeing Company image

During the trip concluded on Monday, Boeing executives provided a closer look at the 737, 777 and 787 aircraft. The planemaker also discussed financing methods and maintenance for the old Boeing planes operating in Iran for decades.

“Boeing has promised to our support of its existing aircraft operating in Iran on the agenda”, the Iranian Airlines Assiciation secretary Maghsoud Samani said. He added that future meetings will be held in the country.

Boeing is facing a lot of risks and rewards as it vies with Airbus and others to replace Iran’s aging fleet. There’s the prospect of a political backlash because of Iranian hard-liners’ penchant for anti-US rhetoric and their attempt to prevent American influences in the country. Boeing may also need to leave some room to back out of any deals in case the next US presidents decides to reinstate sanctions. 

Boeing closely coordinated with the US government and any sales agreements would be approved by the government itself. 

The planemaker requires a separate license to complete any commercial jet sales, while Europian Airbus faced fewer restrictions and grapped the lead in January with a $27 billion order.

While Iran still has to finalize the agreement with Airbus, Samani said that the country sees room for more than one manufacturer. The needs for the Iranian market are around 550 aircraft, based on research, so Samani hopes that interest of both sides will be met.




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