Delta Air Lines has announced March quarter earnings

Yesterday Delta Air Lines reported their final results for March 2016’s quarter. 

Image copyright: Deltaimage

Delta has reported an adjusted pre-tax income of US$1.56 billion, a US$966 million increase over the March 2015 quarter. Net income was adjusted to US$1.0 billion or US$1.32 per diluted share.

The March adjusted pre-tax profit had an US$11 million improvement over the December quarter, despite the airline’s seasonally weakest period. The airline’s on-time arrival rate has tremendously increased from 86.5% to 99.4%. 

The operating revenue decreased by 1.5%, or US$137 million, because of foreign currency pressure and because of the impact from the Brussels attacks, which cause a US$5 million decrease by themselves. 

The airline is currently enjoying the low fuel prices, which are contributing to record profits, but meanwhile Delta continues to improve the unit revenue given a volatile fuel environment and global economic uncertainty. 

Total operating costs went down by more than US$1 billion. 


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