Emirates buys two undelivered Skymark A380s

Image source: Airways News

After Airbus announced earlier this week that they had managed to sell the two undelivered Skymark A380s which are currently parked at Toulouse Airport, Emirates said on Wednesday that they were the ones behind the purchase. It is believed that Emirates struck a deal with Airbus to get these two jets at less than half per plane.

Skymark originally ordered 6 A380s for their ambitious plan to fly long-haul, low-cost flights from Tokyo to Los Angeles and New York. All Nippon Airways (ANA) decided that it would take 3 of the airline’s A380 orders after investing in the bankrupt airline. These will be deployed on the very popular Tokyo Narita – Honolulu route from 2019.


Image copyright: aircraftspotting.de

These 2 A380s will be configured in their 2-class, 615-seat layout and will take delivery of the two extra A380s in the fourth quarter of 2017. Emirates already has 75 A380s and awaits delivery of 67 more.

2 of the 6 A380s that were supposed to be delivered to Skymark

Image copyright: Gyrostat

As well as finding buyers for the two A380s, Airbus also lost 2 orders for the A380. Reunion-based Air Austral has decided that they will not be taking delivery of their all-economy, 840-seat A380. The airline placed the order in 2009.


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