A drone has hit a British Airways plane on approach to London Heathrow Airport

A plane approaching Heathrow Airport (LHR) is believed to have hit a drone before landing safely, the Metropolitan Police said.

Image copyright: aircraftspotting.de

The plane involved is a British Airways A320, registration G-EUYP, which was performing a scheduled service from Geneva (Switzerland) to London Heathrow (UK) with 132 passengers and 5 crew on board.

The aircraft was on approach to LHR’s runway 27L when the crew reported a drone had impacted the nose of the aircraft. The plane then continued for a safe landing. 

The airline has reported the aircraft has received minor damage after an object, possibly a drone, impacted the nose section of the plane. The aircraft was fully examined and then cleared for its next flight 2 hours after landing. 

London Police has reported an object impacted the aircraft. No arrests have been made so far, but an investigation is ongoing. 

This incident happens after a group of 3 drones had been reported under the approach path to Amsterdam Schiphole (AMS) on the 1st of April (certified not to be an April fool’s story). 

After this incident two man were identified to have flown their drones under the approach path to  AMS’ runway 18C and a written police report has been filed for further legal proceedings.


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