Hundreds of flights cancelled in Denver because of a blizzard

Denver airports have announced cancellations of more than 800 flights because of a blizzard that has hit the airport. 

Image copyright: Denver Int’l Airport
About 9 to 16 inches of snow were expected in Denver throughout the weekend. United Airlines also announced that they were cancelling all traffic to and from Denver.

Denver Airport said in a statement: “Denver International Airport (DEN) is expecting heavy precipitation this weekend, with rain turning to snow that could be heavy at times. The current forecast for the airport calls for 9-16 inches of snow through Sunday. Many of the airlines are allowing passengers to rebook flights ahead of the storm — passengers should contact their individual airline for details.”

Airlines have reported many cancellations on Saturday because of the storm: United Airlines has decided to cancel all traffic in and out of DEN on Saturday. The airline had offered change-fee waivers or refunds to the affected passenger. 

United has restarted operations at Denver today.

Passengers traveling in and out of Denver were advised to allow extra time be used of wet or icy roads.


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