Painting of the first A350 for Thai Airways has been completed

The colors of the first A350-900 for Thai Airways have been revealed in Toulouse, France.

The first of the twelve A350-900s Thai has on order, 8 of which will be on lease, has been taken out of the paint shop on the 15th of this month. 

The airplane will have 32 business class seats and 289 seats in economy class. The delivery is expected to happen in this trimester with service starting on short-haul routes for crew training.

Thai has already opened reservations for the first flights operated by their A350 which will be used on flight TG465/466 (Bangkok-Melbourne) from the 1st of July followed by TG461/462 from the 1st of August.

  • TG465 BKK0015 – 1205MEL 359 D
  • TG461 BKK0810 – 2000MEL 359 D
  • TG466 MEL1415 – 2045BKK 359 D
  • TG462 MEL2330 – 0600+1BKK 359 D

Thai Airways operates the route in competition with the low-cost carrier Jetstar Airways and operates flights to and from Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth in Australia and Auckland in New Zealand.


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