Airbus installs first A350 simulator in Miami

Image copyright: Airbus 

Airbus opened a new full-flight A350 XWB simulator in Miami yesterday at the Airbus Training Center (ATC). The facility currently features two full-flight simulators for the A330/A340 and 4 full-flight simulators for the A320.

The flight simulator will be used to train pilots for airlines like Azul Linhas Aereas, American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, United Airlines, the LATAM group and other A350 customers from around the world.

“With the A350 XWB entering into service in the Americas, we anticipate an increase in demand for widebody full-flight simulator training, especially given the program’s success in the Americas,” said Joe Houghton, Airbus Vice President of Training & Flight Operations Support. “Our new A350 XWB simulator now broadens our service offering, allowing Airbus to continue to deliver the most comprehensive flight training services in the industry.”

Image copyright: Airbus




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