Iberia cancels Lagos and Accra routes, moves up Shanghai launch, announces Tokyo and more

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Image copyright: aircraftspotting.de

A lot of new things have been going on at the Spanish airline Iberia lately.

Iberia suspends 3 routes

The airline announced that it will be cancelling flights to Lagos in Nigeria from May 12th. The airline said it will be suspending because of the low demand due to the ongoing oil crisis. It will also drop Madrid-Accra on May 17 due to a drop in demand and “lack of profitability”. The current frequencies of the routes are 4/weekly and 2/weekly respectively. Both are currently flown with the Airbus A319.

It will also temporarily suspend Madrid-Istanbul because of a steep decline in demand.

New African Route

Iberia will resume flights to Johannesburg, South Africa on August 1st after cancelling the service 4 years ago. The route will be flown using their Airbus A330-300, three times a week.

IB6051 MAD2345 – 0955+1JNB 333 145
IB6050 JNB2015 – 0635+1MAD 333 256

New Caribbean Route

Iberia will resume flights from Madrid to San Juan, Puerto Rico after cancelling it 3 years ago. It will be flown 3 times a week with their Airbus A330-200.

IB6301 MAD1225 – 1455SJU 332 137
IB6300 SJU1635 – 0625+1MAD 332 137

New Asian Routes

The airline will start 2 new long-haul routes this year, Madrid to Shanghai and Tokyo.

The new Madrid-Shanghai route, originally planned to start this fall, will launch 28th of June this year. The flight will be flown three times a week with their new A330-200 aircraft.

IB6889 MAD1250 – 0710+1PVG 332 257
IB6888 PVG1100 – 1840MAD 332 136

The other new far-east route, Tokyo, will commence on October 30 this year. This means they will return to Japan nearly 18 years after suspending the route. The route will also be flown with their A330-200, 3 times a week.

IB6801 MAD1220 – 0935+1NRT 332 257
IB6800 NRT1120 – 1720MAD 332 136

Iberia Express

Low cost subsidiary Iberia Express will launch their new route from the Spanish city Oviedo to London Heathrow on Sunday. The route will be flown three times a week with their Airbus A320.

IB3610 OVD1820 – 1915LHR 32S 247
IB3603 LHR2030 – 2325OVD 32S 247

All flight schedules are from airlineroute.net


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