United Airlines has announced board changes

Yesterday United Continental Holdings has announced additional changes to its board: Edward L. Shapiro and Barney Harford will immediately join United’s board.


On the 6th of March 2016 three new directors joins the board: James A.C. Kennedy, Robert A. Milton AMS James M. Whitehurst. Milton and Whitehursr have a combined total of 30 years of airline experience.

Two current directors, Henry L. Meyer III, John H. Walked and Charles A. Yamarone will be retiring and won’t stand for re-election at the 2016 annual meeting. Accordingly, as of the 2016 annual meeting, seven of the company’s 14 directors and five of the 11 independent directors will be new to the board since the 1st of March 2016.

Because of Meyer’s impending retirement, United’s board has elected Milton as Non-Executive Chairman, effective immediately following the elections of directors at the 2016 annual meeting.

Oscar Munoz, United’s president and CEO, has decided to amend his employee to agree,met to defer from the 2017 annual meeting to the 2018 annual meeting as the anticipated time he would assume the additional position of chairman of the board.


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