Norwegian Air Force fighter jet helps save a dying patient’s life

Image copyright: Aldo Bidini / Wikimedia Commons


Earlier this month a patient at the hospital in Bodø was faced with a life and death situation, and was in desperate need of a specific procedure called extracorporeal membrane oxygenation.

Unfortunately the hospital of Bodø did not have the equipment to carry out the complex operation to save the patient.

The St.Olavs hospital in Trondheim, which is around 450 kilometres south of Bodø did have the equipment for the procedure.

The staff at the hospital were able to contact the air force for help to bring the equipment up north. Just as the call came in two F-16s were getting ready to fly from the Ørland Air Base near Trondheim to Bodø Airport.

“They didn’t ask any questions, except for what size the machine was,” Anders Wetting Carlsen, chief doctor at Trondheim’s Saint Olaf hospital said.

Luckily one of the F-16s had a cargo hold with space available for the machine.

On a flight that on average takes 35 minutes with an F-16, was flown in just 25 minutes given the current situation.


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