Delta Air Lines announces the third order for A321ceo aircraft

The Atlanta-based carrier has placed an order for  37 more A321ceo aircraft.

Image copyright: Delta

This order follows previous orders of the largest member of the A320 Family in 2013 and 2014. Delta took delivery of its first A321 in March 2016. The airline has 82 A321s on order, all equipped with CFM56 engines from CFM International.

All of Delta’s A321s will be equipped with fuel-savings Sharkelts, composite wingtips that offer up to 4% savings.  This means the aircraft will have 100nm/185km of extra range or an increased payload capacity by around 1000 pounds/45 kilograms.

Many of Delta’s A321s will be delivered from the Airbus U.S. Manufacturing Facility in Mobile, Alabama. 

As of the end of March 2016, Delta has a fleet of 165 Airbus aircraft, made out of 127 A320 family jets and 38 A330 aircrafr. In addition to the backlog of A320 family orders, the airline also has a backlog of 5 A330-330, 25 A330-900 and 25 A350 XWB aircraft.


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