Helicopter crash on the coast of Norway kills 13

Thirteen people are presumed dead after a helicopter crashed west of the Norwegian city of Bergen.

The helicopter involved in the crash. Image copyright: aircraftregister.net
Eleven of the 13 on board were Norwegian, one was British and the remaining one Italian. No survivors were found.

After the crash, Norway’s civil aviation authority has imposed a flight ban on the type that crashed: the Eurocopter EC225LP Super Puma. The ban applies only on EC225LP registered in Norway or operating within the Norwegian territory.

The helicopter was registered in Norway as LN-OJF and the owner/operator was CHC Helicopter service. The flight departed from the Gulfaks B Oilrigg and was cheduled to reach Bergen’s airport.

From a preliminary examination, it looks like the rotor has detached from the helicopter, which fell to the ground immediately. A huge explosion was heard as the helicopter hit rocks on the shore. The wreck is completely shattered and bodies are observed floating in the water. A civil aviation authority spokeswoman has said the two black boxes have been recovered.

A map of the relevant points: the oil rig, the arrival point and where the helicopter crashed. Copyright: BBC
Airbus Helicopters said in a statement on their site that “Safety is their top priority and will be providing full support to both accident investigators as well as CHC.” 

“Airbus Helicopters’ teams are fully mobilized to understand the root cause of the accident. At this time we do not have any further information and we will provide relevant updates as they become available.”


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