The only Antonov An-225 will fly to Perth

On the 10th of May, the largest cargo plane in the world will start a 9 day long journey from Ukraine to Australia. 

Image from by Garry Lewis

The only Antonov An-225 Mriya in flying conditions will move a large generator to Perth, arriving of the 15th of May. 

Here is the schedule of all the flights*:

  • 10/05: ADB310F GML0700 – PRG0855
  • 12/05: ADB3610 PRG0400 – KRW1000
  • 12/05: ADB3610 KRW1300 – HYD1830 
  • 13/05: ADB3610 HYD2000 – CGK0200+1 
  • 14/05: ADB3610 CGK2130 – PER0200+1
  • 1705: ADV310F PER0001 – DWC1300
  • 19/05 ADB356F DWC0100 – LEJ0730
  • 20/05 ADB3656 LEJ0700 – CAI1130
  • 20/05 ADB3656 CAI1330 – AUH1730

    *Data from FlightRadar24, may be subject to change.

    You can follow the flight on or with their mobile apps. During the journey, it may pass through zones where coverage is not available due to the An-225 not being equipped with an ADS-B transponder, which means the plane is tracked using MLAT technology.

    You can track it on FlightRadar24 in multiple ways:

    • Registration: UR-82060
    • Type: A225
    • Callsign: ADB{XXXX}, where {XXXX} is the flight number listed in the schedule above.


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