31 injured after an Etihad flight hits severe turbulence

31 passengers on board Etihad Airways flight #EY474 were injured after the flight hit severe turbulence before landing safely in Jakarta.

Picture posted by @flightmoods on twitter

The interior of the plane was damaged as well, the airline confirmed on Wednesday. 

The flight was en route from Abu Dhabi to Jakarta when it “encountered severe and unexpected turbulence about 45 minutes prior to arrival at Soekarmo Hatta Imternational Airport. The flight landed safely and passengers were met by medical assistance teams as they disembarked the aircrafr”, the airline said in a statement.

An Etihad spokesperson said 31 were injured in the accident, 9 of which were hospitalized. The other 22 have been treated by paramedics at the airport. 

Some pictures of the damage; all can be found here or here:


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