The EASA creates a task force to assess the risk of drones colliding with aircraft

The European Aiation Safety Agency has announced today the creation of a task force to assess the risk of collision between drones and aircraft.

The task force will:

  • Review all relevant occurrences collected by European Member States.
  • Analyses the existing studies on the subject.
  • Study the vulnerabilities of aircraft taking into account the different categories of planes and their associated design and operational requirements.
  • Consider the possibility of to do further research and perform actual tests.

The task force will include representatives from aircraft and engine manufacturers. It will consult the European member states and other relevant stakeholders as well as foreign authorities.

Results will be published at the end of July and it will organize a workshop with stakeholders to discuss its findings.

The EASA is already developing regulatory framework for safe drones operations in Europe and it will address the issue of collisions with a combination of measures.

It will enforce operating in visual line of sight, flying under 150m above ground, being equipped with identification and geo-limatatio functions and being registered.

Any operations of drones near aerodromes will require specific authorizations from the national aviation authority.


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