Air Canada and Avianca Brazil announce codeshare

The two Star Alliance members Air Canada and Avianca Brazil have signed a codeshare agreement ahead of the Olympics to help make travel easier for those who have planned to attend the games and to enhance travel between Canada and Brazil.

Through the new agreement, customers will have more benefits when travelling on these airlines like checking in their luggage all the way to their final destination. Air Canada will continue to codeshare with GOL on Brazilian domestic routes.

The flights that Air Canada will place its code on include:

Air Canada operated by Avianca Brazil
Rio de Janeiro Galeao – Brasilia
Rio de Janeiro Galeao – Salvador da Bahia
Sao Paulo Guarulhos – Brasilia
Sao Paulo Guarulhos – Curitiba
Sao Paulo Guarulhos – Florianopolis
Sao Paulo Guarulhos – Fortaleza
Sao Paulo Guarulhos – Porto Alegre
Sao Paulo Guarulhos – Recife
Sao Paulo Guarulhos – Rio de Janeiro Galeao
Sao Paulo Guarulhos – Salvador da Bahia




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