17 injured after a Hong Kong Airlines plane was hit by severe turbulence

A Hong Kong Airlines flight from Bali to Hong Kong ran into unexpected severe turbulence, injuring almost 20 on board.

The aircraft involved in the accident: B-LNE. Photo by Wang Chi Lam

The Airbus A330-200 performing the flight with 204 passengers and 12 crew on board returned to Bali about 2 hours and a half into the flight. The flight landed safely at 2034Z on Friday (0434L on Saturday).

The plane hit turbulence above Kalimantan, Indonesia’s part of Borneo, the manager of Bali’s airport said. Ambulances were sent to help the passengers. Most of the injuries were head bruises and there were no serious injuries.

Three crew members and eight passengers were hospitalized and six others were treated at the airport clinic.

The plane was not damaged, but an inspection was carried. Ninety-five passengers were flown to Hong Kong on board a Garuda Indonesia flight on Saturday morning, while the rest remained at the airport or hotels. 


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