Nunavut air transport folds before ever taking off

Nunavut’s air service provider, Go Sarvaq, is saying it quits, killing hopes of a more competitive northern flight industry two weeks before the company’s inaugural flight, which was set to depart on May 20th with destination Ottawa.

A Flair Air 737-400. Image from wikimedia by CambridgeBayWeather

Sarvaq introduced Flair Air as its new air carrier last month, when the original partner, Nolinor, backed out. 

A news conference to give further information has been scheduled for May 9 according to Sarvaq president Adamie Itorcheak. 

Sarvaq’s decision comes less than two weeks after Canadian North and First Air decided to start a aggressive seat campaign, offering one-way tickets to Ottawa for $399, roughly $1000 cheaper than standard fares. 

The seat sale fueled suspicions on social media that Canadian North and First Air are working in collaboration to drive out any possible competition to their codeshare agreement.

Go Sarvaw told ticket holders its low-cost airfare to Ottawa is no longer feasible in the current conditions.


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