A Lufthansa flight to Mumbai suffered severe tires burst

A Lufthansa Arbus A330-300, registered D-AIKR performing flight LH764 from Munich t Mumbai with 163 on board, landed on Mumbai’s runway 27 at 2253L (1723Z) but burst both aft left and right main gear tyres (4 in total) and become disables on the runway near taxiway S7, approximately 1830 meter/6000 feet past the runway threshold.

The airport was forced to switch operations to secondary runway 14/32 for 15 hours until the tyres were replaced and the aircraft was moved off the runway.

The airline reported there was no problem prior to touch down.

Photos of the damage:

The A330 the following morning. Photo by Dharmesh Thakkar
Tyre detail. Photo by Rajesh Hegde
Left main gear tyres. Photo by Brendan Grainger
Right main gear tyres. Photo from Airlive.net on Twitter
The tyres after being removed from the gears. Photo from Airlive.net on Twitter
Map. Photo from Aviation Herald.

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