Two tarantulas ran loose onboard Air Transat flight


Last month, tarantulas were found running loose onboard an Air Transat flight from Punta Cana, Dominican Republic to Montreal in Canada.

Catherine Moreau, of Repentigny, outside Montreal, was watching a movie when she felt a wire brushing against her leg during the flight on April 18.

‘I brushed (it) away and it started tickling me again,’ she told CBC News Friday. ‘That’s when I noticed the tarantula. I hit it to get it off me before it bit.’

Passngers screamed and stood on their seats, CBC said, while flight attendents tried to calm them down, telling them to put on shoes and pull up socks to keep the fuzzy menaces from taking a bite.

Étienne Normandin, an entomologist at the University of Montreal, told CBC that the spiders were most likely Hispaniolan Giant Tarantulas, a species common to the Dominican Republic.

Their venom is not dangerous, he said, although the species tends to be very aggressive. 

One of the spiders was captured by a passenger, while the other continued to roam the plane before being recovered by a federal agent once the plane landed at Montreal’s Trudeau Airport.


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