American Airlines to accelerate A330-300, EMB-190 fleet phase out

With the completion of the merger with US Airways, American Airlimes has announced plans to accelerate the retirement of its recently inherited A330-300 and EMB-190 fleets.

One of the inherited A330-300s equipped with P&W engines. Photo by

According to Airways News, Hector Adler, American’s Vice President, has announced plans to retire its fleet of nine A330-300s between 2017 and late 2018. Among the reasons cited are the use of Pratt & Whitney PW4168 engine which is not common to AA’s other aircrafr and therefore renders maintenance more complicated. In addition to that, AA already operates a fleet of 47 B777-200ER, whose seating capacity (289 seats) matches the one of the A330-330 at 291 seats.

Adler says that the airline plans to retire its twenty-strong fleet of EMB-190s in 2019 because of “expensive maintenance scheduled in the near future”.

American also plans to retire some of their older B767-300s, because of reliability concerns. As such, American will retire 15 B767s between now and 2017 along with eight more in 2018. Overall, this will leave AA with a fleet of 17 younger generation B767-300ERs.

An American 767. Photo by Eric Monsen

American plans to replace the lost capacity with the arrival of new B787-8s and B787-9s this year along with its maiden A350-900s due later next year. 


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