Jet2 to base an A330 out of Manchester in summer 2017

Jet2 is planning to base an A330 out of Manchester Int’l during next year’s summer season. 

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The wide body will be used on high demand routes as to Palma Son Sant Joan in an all economy class configuration. 

The UK based LCC and its tour operator Jet2Holidays had already planned to wet-lease an AirAsia X A330-300 in summer 2015 but had then cancelled the plan. Jet2’s current largest aircrafr in the B757-200, of which it operates 11, all equipped with 235 economy class seats.


4 thoughts on “Jet2 to base an A330 out of Manchester in summer 2017

  1. The word is ,it is coming from Air AsiaX, but they only operate the A330-300 so is it a 200 or 300 series? and is it coming from Air AsiaX or not? I booked seats on the A330 last August 2016 to fly to Lanzarote August 2017, but 4 of the 7 seats I booked don’t appear on the seat plan on the booking page now, so is the aircraft coming from a different source than planned? Just in case I will be changing my seat bookings tomorrow so that we still sit together. Its so annoying when they make these changes without letting you know well in advance, its only by doing a ‘dummy booking’ to see how many seats were left that I found out, goodness know where they were going to relocate the rest of my party. Can anyone give any confirmation?

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    • There are still conflicting reports as to whether the aircraft will be an Airbus A330-200 or -300, and whether it will come from Air Asia X or not. What we do know is that the aircraft will be based at Manchester Airport from 24 May until September or October 2017.

      The routes to be operated are:

      eff 24MAY17 Manchester – Rhodes 1 weekly (Day 3)
      eff 25MAY17 Manchester – Lanzarote 2 weekly (Day 47)
      eff 25MAY17 Manchester – Palma Mallorca 6 weekly (LS831/832 Day x23, LS955/956 Day 2)
      eff 26MAY17 Manchester – Tenerife South 3 weekly (Day 125)

      As you can see, Lanzarote is on that list.

      Unfortunately, we do not have anymore information than that. Your best chance of confirmation would be to contact Jet2 directly, maybe through Twitter or any contacts you have been provided with.


  2. Hi, i have a holiday to Tenerife booked, i noticed on my “manage your booking” page that my chosen seats were not what i chose! I called them this morning ( 06/05/2017) & was told this is because they are now using a Airbus A332 327 I was advised i cant have my chosen seats together as seating on this plane is 2 4 2. Hope this helps the guessing debate.


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