Airbus launches the ACJ350 XWB

Airbus is launching a new corporate jet version of its A350 XWB airliner, with Easyfit provisions for cabin outfitting. 

The new airliner, called the ACJ350 XWB, features 270m^2/2,910ft^2 of cabin space in the -900 version. The ultra-long range variant can fly 25 passengers up to 10,800nm/20,000km/22 hours , making it today’s most modern and capable corporate jet. 

Airbus has chosen to pre-equip the carbon fiber fuselage of the ACJ350 with hundreds of attachment points to greatly simplify the work of cabin outfitters. It has also worked with several cabin outfitters to ensure smooth completions for customers. 

THE ACJ350, like all Airbus aircraft, personifies features that many aircraft lack or cost extra, like the enhanced fly-by-wire controls, time and cost-saving centralized maintenance and extensive use of weight and maintenance-saving materials.

In addition the ACJ350 includes, as standard, new features such as an onboard airport navigation system (OANS), and a runway overrun prevention system (ROPS).


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