Oslo Rygge to close to commercial traffic if Ryanair quits

The board of Oslo Rygge Airport has voted in favor of closing the facility to commercial traffic with effect from November 1 of this year if Ryanair moves its activities from Rygge to other airports around Oslo.

Earlier this year, the low cost carrier announced it would completely close or severely reduce its Rygge operations should the Norwegian government enforce a NOK80 (US$9.07) passenger surcharge with effect from June 1st.

Even though the tax has become reality, Ryanair has yet to confirm its winter plans from Rygge. 

There are rumors that the carrier has opened discussions with Oslo Torp and Oslo Gardermoen about the possibility of moving flights there. 

Even though the airline already operates some flights out of Torp, the Aftenposten newspaper reported Ryanair has been awarded slots for Gardermoen, effective from September 1.

The closure of Rygge to commercial traffic, aside from the loss of over 500 jobs, will also effect Norwegian, which offers regular flights to Las Palmas, Malaga and Alicante through its Norwegian Air International subsidiary.


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