Finnair confirms A340 phase-out plans; to retain A330s

Finnair has confirmed it will complete the retirement of its A340-300 fleet by the end of next year. 

Image copyright: Airbus Industrie

Of the original fleet of seven aircraft, the airline now operates three on regular flights to Delhi, Nagoya, Osaka and Singapore. Once their service life is completed, the aircraft will be sold back to Airbus.

Finnair said that, despite the retirement of three aircraft, it would continue to grow its long haul fleet by keeping two of its eight A330-300s in service beyond their original retirement date of 2017. However, the fate of two A330s, due to live the fleet in 2020/21, has yet to be determined. 

The A330s will be part of a nineteen-strong fleet, together with the new incoming A350-900s, of which Finnair has 14 on order and five already in service. The 14 aircraft on order are all expected to be delivered by the end of 2023.


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