(Correct) Lithium ion batteries are already flying on the A350-900

The battery supplier Saft has claimed that Airbus has installed and delivered the first A350-900 equipped with rechargeable Li-Ion batteries to a customer at the end of last year. 

Photo from Wikimedia, taken by Duch.seb

Saft also confirms that the new batteries entered commercial service in January after being certified by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).

Airbus p, though, it’s still awaiting the barrieries to be certified by the FAA in the USA.

The A350 was originally designed to use rechargeable Li-Ion batteries as a backup power source for the avionics and to start the Auxiliary Power Unit (APU).

But Airbus was forced to put the project aside due to the battery troubles on the Boeing 787. In January 2013, two battery fires erupted on two 787s within nine days after the batteries overheated on both aircraft. The whole 787 fleet was grounded for four months while Boeing redesigned the battery system to prevent the batteries from causing damage to the aircraft. 

Airbus believes it has come up with a more conservative design for the A350-900 battery system, but the manufacturer started delivering the first A350-900s with a nickel-cadmium battery system.

A previous report citing Charles Champion has incorrectly stated that the first lithium-ion batteries were not to be installed in an A350 until the end of the year.


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