Ryanair confirms it will close its base at Oslo Rygge from early Q4

Ryanair has officially announced that, with effect from October 29, it will close its base at Oslo Rygge as the Norwegian Government has decided to introduce the controversial NOK80 (US$9.07) passenger surcharge.

“The illogical decision of the Norwegian Government to introduce a flat rate environmentally unfriendly tax penalizes passengers on efficient, green airlines such as Ryanair in favour of passengers on high fare, half empty, gas guzzling airlines, and destroys the cost competitiveness of privately owned Oslo Rygge Airport in favour of the state-owned Avinor monopoly. As a result, Ryanair has no choice but to close its Oslo Rygge base which will result in our Norwegian traffic being cut in half,” Ryanair’s Chief Commercial Officer, David O’Brien, said.

Because of this, Oslo Rygge will close to all commercial traffic and the Irish LCC is forced to cut Beziers, Brussels, Chania, Dublin, Edinburgh, Malaga, Palma De Mallorca, Poznan, Pula, Riga, Rzeszow, Thessaloniki, Szczecin, Tallinn, Wroclaw and Zadar while moving its remaining Rygge routes (Alicante, Gdansk, Kraków, Las Palmas, Manchester, Milan, Tenerife and Warsaw) to Oslo Torp from October 30. London and Vilnius services will be moved to Oslo Gardermoen.

Ryanair’s four B737-800s based at Rygge will be moved to other bases in the carrier’s network. The closure of Rygge is expected to reduce Ryanair’s Norwegian traffic by 50%, around 900,000 passengers.


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