Nose gear of UPS MD-11 collapsed in Seoul

Image copyright: Ian Kluft

Yesterday a UPS United Parcel Service McDonnell Douglas MD-11. Registration N277UP performing flight 5X-61 from Seoul Incheon to Ancorage with 4 crew on board, was accelerating for takeoff when the crew needed to reject takeoff at high speed. 

The aircraft overran the end of the runway,broke through the approach lights and localizer antenna and stopped about 350m past the end of the runway. Because the aircraft stopped on soft ground, the nose gear collapsed

All 4 crew members onboard evacuated by using the slide on the front left door. No injuries were reported. The aircraft received substantial damage.

Runway 15R/33L was subsequently closed and NOTAMs released to inform it would be closed for maintenance until 06SEP16 (NOTAM A0854/16), then changed to 05AUG16 (NOTAM A0855/16) and a last NOTAM (A0856-16) set the reopening date to 13JUN2016.


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