Ryanair, EasyJet and Virgin Atlantic prepare a Plan B in the event of Brexit

Image copyright: Airbus Industrie

easyJet has considered pursuing an Air Operator’s Certificate (AOC) in another European country in the event the UK does vote to leave the EU later this month.

Airline sources told the Sunday Telegraph that the London-based LCC has also explored the option of expanding its easyJet Switzerland subsidiary fleet which right now constits of eleven A319s and twelve A320s.

Image copyright: Wo st 01 on Wikimedia

In the meantime, Ireland-based Ryanair may also be forced to obtain a UK AOC in the case Brexit leads to the UK’s exclusion from the European Common Aviation Area (ECAA). Ryanair is the fourth largest operator in the UK domestic market with 7.45% of all available weekly capacity.

Image copyright: Aleem Yousaf on Wikimedia

While British Airways parent International Airlines Group (IAG) appears to be relatively not disturbed by the prospect of Brexit, its rival Virgin Atlantic has not been so laid back. Virgin Atlantic CEO Craig Kreeger warned last week that if the UK’s economy would suffer in the long term with longhaul travel being affected, Virgin would be ready to consider moving a part of its fleet elsewhere in Europe.


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