The CAAC has sanctioned North Korea’s Air Koryo

Air Koryo has been sanctioned by the East China Regional Administration of the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) after one of its Tu-204s, P-632 (cn 1450742364012), was forced to make an emergency landing in Shenyang last month. 

P-632, the aircraft involved in the emergency, is the only Air Koryo aircraft allowed to fly in the EU skies. Photo by Pavel Adzhigildaev.

The twin jet was en-route from Pyongyang to Beijing when the crew reported smoke in the cabin and requested to divert toShenyang where it made a safe landing.

Following an investigation, the CAAC said in a statement Wednesday that the smoke has emanated from an attendant call-button. 

The CAAC has since issued recommendations to Air Koryo to improve its flight crews’ emergency response procedures and training in how to deal with scenarios involving TCAS alerts, tire bursts and other kind of emergencies. The North Korean carrier also has to improve its MRO regime. 

The regulator ended the statement by saying it will take the “appropriate measures” to limit the carrier’s operations.


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