Monarch Airlines will cease operations – False Rumour

A rumor about Monarch Airlines ceasing operations tomorrow is spreading on social media. The airline has replied directly to customers tweeting about them ceasing operations denying the rumor.

A Monarch A321 G-OZBU Copyright: Avineesh Suppiah

The rumor seems to have spread because two United Airlines 747-400 arrived in Palma de Mallorca (PMI) and Tenerife South (TFS) from Chicago O’Hare, one Air Transat A330 landed in Malaga as well as a Omni Air 777 and 767 are in Barcelona (BCN). These aircraft have been reportedly dispatched for “rescue” flights.

UPDATE 1: A Monarch spokesman said in a statement: “Rumors are just that, we don’t know where these started, but they are not true.”

UPDATE 2: Monarch passengers with flights out of Malaga to Manchester tomorrow are reportedly being told that their flight will be operated by Air Transat. (Sources: Les Armstrong and Nicholas Hair on twitter)

An Air Transat A330 is in Malaga right now. We are expecting more news after the last flight of the day lands in the U.K. 

UPDATE 3: All Monarch flights appear to be operating normally this morning.

The rumor it’s still circulating on social media, even though it seems to be not true.

UPDATE 4: Monarch has released an official statement about the rumors: “Over the weekend, there has been negative speculation about Monarch’s financial health.

Monarch is trading well and is expected to achieve an EBITDA of over £40m at the end of this fiscal year (October 2016). This is despite a difficult period for the holiday industry due to terrorist incidents, Brexit and the resulting devaluation of sterling.

Our flights are operating as normal, carrying Monarch passengers as scheduled.

To weather tougher market conditions and to fund its ongoing growth, Monarch expects to announce a significant investment from its stakeholders in the coming days.”

UPDATE 5: An Air Transat Airbus A330-243 C-GTSR Landed at Malaga (AGP) (26/09/16 10:34AM Local Time Malaga) after Flight TS148 from Toronto (YYZ). It was a one off flight, never before has Air Transat flown this route, fuelling the rumour that aircraft are being chartered in to rescue stranded passengers.

To add to this, United Airlines Boeing 747-422 N120UA Landed at Tenerife South Airport (TFS) after Operating Flight UA2295 from Chicago O’Hare.

UPDATE 6: A photo of the UK’s CAA charter aircraft that are reportedly supposed to perform “rescue” flights for Monarch has appeared on a German aviation forum,

Schedules for N116UA and N120UA, Operating Monarch Charter Flights (27/09/16)



Schedules for N116UA and N120UA


We will continue to keep you updated.

Please contact us (comment below) if you have any information or questions regarding this topic. We will try to provide answers to any inquires you have.

Monarch Airlines did not cease ops and continue to operate. Final update


9 thoughts on “Monarch Airlines will cease operations – False Rumour

    • That 747 is meant to be flying to Birmingham BHX this morning. Another 747 flew into Tenerife TFS Last night. Last night the news was that aircraft were chartered in by the CAA to fly ONLY Monarch’s Spanish Routes from LGW/MAN/BHX


      • UA2295 is N120UA, a United Airlines 747-422 currently crossing the Atlantic from Chicago (ORD)-Tenerife South(TFS). Also, C-GTSR, an Air Transat A330-243 landed at Malaga (AGP) about an hour ago after operating TS148 from Toronto (YYZ). Neither of those flights are regular, they are not normal routes for the those airlines.


      • An update on that 747. I have the schedule for the aircraft, it is scheduled to depart PMI for BHX at 6:00AM Local Time in PMI tomorrow.


  1. Any more updates my wife currently sat on zb767 and they are delayed at manchester. Theyve been told not a tech fault but handling agent refusing pax assistance.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m extremely sorry for not getting back to you earlier. Do you mean Monarch Airlines Flight ZB676/MON676W which is currently flying from Manchester to Alicante? I could not find a ZB767? The flight is being operated by a Monarch Airbus A321 (as scheduled) and is expected to arrive 1 hour and 15 minutes late (approx). Unfortunately, I have no way of finding out why the flight was delayed exactly but if you get back to me with return flight details I can provide updates in the days to come. As said in the article, there are several aircraft on standby to provide rescue flights in case of a cease in Monarch flights although this is still under speculation despite an official statement. I have schedules for some of these aircraft that are meant to be flying Monarch flights in the next few days so I may be able to tell you the situation of your wife’s return flight. Hope I have answered some questions, sorry if not.


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