JetBlue studies wide bodies for long haul flights

JetBlue Airways is studying the possibility of acquiring widebody aircraft, which would be operated alongside the A321neo(LR), to start long haul flights.

A jetBlue A321. Copyright: Eric Salard on wikimedia
David Clark, jetBlue’s Vice President (Network Planning), told Skift in an interview: “We are very open to seeing all the options that are out there. We are certainly looking at widebodies. It’s less that we are looking at every widebody right now and more sort of evaluating widebodies in general versus the A321LR. We want to see which might be a better fit for us.”

Last year, jetBlue’s Executive Vice President (Commercial & Planning), Marty St. George, said the LCC was looking at expanding into previously untapped Latin American as well transatlantic markets such as Brazil and Western Europe.

Its European rivals Norwegian and even SAS Scandinavian Airlines have both expressed interest about the A321neo(LR) to develop long haul flights between small cities on either side of the Atlantic.


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