Mitsubishi may delay MRJ90’s delivery date

Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation may again delay the delivery of its first MRJ90 in order to make some technical modifications to the aircraft, Bloomberg reports.

Rollout of the first MRJ90, JA21MJ, on October 18th, 2014. Copyright: Aya_Tonoe on airplane-pictures

The potential delay would push initial deliveries to launch operator ANA – All Nippon Airways past mid-2018.

Originally, the aircraft was to be delivered in mid-2017 only for the Japanese manufacturer to postpone that date by twelve months to allow several upgrades and improvements to the aircraft’s design. 

In a statement, Mitsubishi said: “It is true that we have spoken to them of a risk of delay due to technical reasons. We are moving forward day by day with verification. If any decisions are made on important items to be made public in the future, we will announce them promptly.”
The firm added that it expects to complete the MRJ90’s type certification in 2018.
The MRJ family consists of the 90-seater MRJ90 and the smaller 70-seater MRJ70. The aircraft has thus far garnered orders for 243 MRJ90s with options for an additional 204 airframes. ANA has fifteen of the jets on order.


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