Ryanair is not considering long-range B737 MAXs – Jacobs 

Ryanair CMO Kenneth Jacobs says that the Irish LCC has no interest in the long-range B737 MAX Boeing is considering developing.

A Ryanair 737-800. Copyright: Aldo Bidini on wikimedia

Speaking about Ryanair’s now reject transatlantic plans, Jacobs said that the aircraft’s seating capacity would not fit the airline’s needs.

“Long range? No. I was in Seattle last week so I saw the long-range variant of the Boeing MAX. Yes, while they can do it, we still don’t want to. It doesn’t change our thinking. The longest route we’d do would be a Glasgow Int’l to Tenerife Sur route,” he said. “While the variant of the MAX can travel further, it can travel further when you have the cabin configured to 160 passengers, 60 in business and 100 in economy. Our MAX would be carrying 197.”

Ryanair currently has 100 high-density B737 MAX 200s on order from the Americans with options for 100 more. The 197-seaters will begin arriving from 2019 onwards.


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