Turkish Airlines defers deliveries of 167 aircraft 

Turkish Airlines has deferred the deliveries of a total of 167 aircraft from Airbus and Boeing, as it deals with weaker demand for travel in the wake of the regional conflicts and political instability.

A Turkish A321(SL). Copyright: xfw-spotter
The deferral includes ninety-two A321neos sixty-five B737 MAX 8s and ten MAX 9s, which were due for delivery between 2018 and 2022.

The airline will now take up ten out of the thirty-four aircraft planned for 2018, thirty-five instead of forty jets in 2019 and forty-two of the fifty-two twinjets initially planned for delivery in 2020. There will be no changes to the arrival of new aircraft in 2021, while the carrier will take a further six in 2022, down from thirty, and an additional fifteen jets in 2023.

The decrease in demand has impacted Turkish Airlines” bottom line, with it recording a US$644 million loss for the first half of this year.


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