Jetairfly has been rebranded as TUIfly Belgium

Jetairfly has been rebranded as TUIfly (Belgium) with effect from Wednesday, October 19th. The move follows the plan of parent firm TUI AG to create a singular brand name across four of its carriers, leaving Corsair International out of the rebranding. 

A 767 in the common TUI livery. Copyright: Rafał Gruszczyński on

The first stage of the project saw Arke Fly being rebranded as TUIfly follows by Jetairfly’s transformation into TUIfly (Belgium). The second stage of the plan will see TUIfly Nordic and Thomson Airways being rebranded. 

Despite the change in name, all five airlines in Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Sweden and the UK will continue to operate under their own AOCs, however a unified brand name and image will allow for improved fleet interoperability, especially during the busy summer season.

“A strong one-brand policy will make it considerably easier to use the aircraft of the European fleet and the crews across the individual countries, as demand requires it. The resulting increase in the effectiveness of TUI airlines is to enable TUI to deliver operational efficiency improvements worth EUR50 million per annum by 2018,” TUI AG said.


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