UK Government decides Heathrow’s third runway will take off

On October 25th, the UK government made its long-awaited decision on which airport will be expanded. It was decided that the UK’s busiest airport, London Heathrow, will receive a third runway as part of the expansion plan.


The mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, disagreed with the government’s decision and said “There are more people affected by noise because of Heathrow than people affected by the airports in Paris, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Munich and Madrid combined. The air in London is a killer. It makes you sick and it’s unlawful.”

The airport’s plan is to build a new runway 3,500m north of the existing runways at a cost of £17.6bn and will be operational by 2026.

The Department for Transport said that an additional runway at Heathrow would benefit both passengers economically and the wider economy with up to £61 billion and create up to 77,000 additional jobs for the local area over the next decade or more. With the expansion the airport will be able to offer more flights to cities abroad like Wuhan, Osaka and Quito.

Fellow contender London Gatwick airport was not pleased with the decision and the decision was “not the right answer for Britain”.


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