[Incident] American Airlines AA383 Engine Fire at Chicago O’Hare

American Airlines Flight AA383 has suffered an uncontrolled fire during its takeoff roll at Chicago O’Hare Int’l Airport on Runway 28R on 28/10/16 14:35 US CT. 161 passengers and 9 crew members were on board.

N345AN On Fire During the Evacuation

Speculation is that the incident was caused by an uncontained engine fire in the right side General Electric CF6-80C2B6 engine (engine No.2). However, there are other reports that there was an engine failure, leading to a rejected takeoff and that the hard braking caused an explosive tyre burst.

The pilots aborted the takeoff and fire crews at the airport responded to put out the fire. All people on board were evacuated, with nine people suffering injuries. In the aftermath of the incident, Runway 28R and 28C have been closed. This will cause many flights to be delayed or cancelled.

The aircraft operating the route was N345AN, a 13.5 year old Boeing 767-323(ER)(WL). The heat from the fire has melted the right wing, causing the aircraft to be damaged beyond repair, causing a complete write off.

A video of the evacuation (by Alysse Bertilda):

Pictures of the damage:


NOTAMs regarding the incident have been released:

10/050 (A3164/16) – RWY 15/33 CLSD EXC TAX. 28 OCT 20:31 2016 UNTIL 28 OCT 23:00 2016. CREATED: 28 OCT 20:31 2016

10/049 (A3163/16) – NAV ILS RWY 15 GP U/S. 28 OCT 20:29 2016 UNTIL 28 OCT 22:30 2016. CREATED: 28 OCT 20:29 2016

10/047 (A3160/16) – RWY 10C/28C CLSD. 28 OCT 19:44 2016 UNTIL 28 OCT 23:00 2016. CREATED: 28 OCT 19:44 2016
10/046 (A3159/16) – TWY P BTN TWY CC AND TWY P5 CLSD. 28 OCT 19:40 2016 UNTIL 28 OCT 23:00 2016. CREATED: 28 OCT 19:40 2016
10/045 (A3158/16) – RWY 10L/28R CLSD. 28 OCT 19:38 2016 UNTIL 28 OCT 23:00 2016. CREATED: 28 OCT 19:38 2016

Update 2:

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) have found a piece of the engine disk from N345AN inside a UPS warehouse about 2,920 feet away from the accident site. Examination of the aircraft’s CF6 engine revealed that the stage 2 disk of high pressure turbine failed.