Iran to receive first Airbus jet by 2016 end

Iran says it expects to receive the first Airbus plane with the French aviation giant by the end of 2016.

Airbus A320neo. Photo copyright: Airbus

Javad Hashemi Tehrani, the managing director of Aviation Parts Holding Company of Iran: “It’s expected to be delivered to Iran the first of 17 planes that the US Treasury Department has allowed to be sold to the country”, told domestic media.

“The plane will be an A321, which is currently in its final test and trial phases”, has added Hashemi Tehrani. “The narrow-body, mid-range jet will be delivered to Iran’s flag-carrier airline Iran Air”

Also, the Iranian officials had earlier announced that the country would receive 9 planes from Airbus before the end of the current Persian calendar year (21 March 2017), in case the obstacles for delivering the planes are removed.

Airbus -together with its American rival Boeing- had earlier this year sealed deals with Iran to sell some 200 planes to Iran.

The expected delivery of an Airbus plane to Iran came as lawmakers in the US are preparing to raise a bill at the chamber which would block the sales of planes to the Islamic Republic.


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