Aer Lingus to possibly join Oneworld in 2017

Photo by Wojtek Turbak on

Former Oneworld member Aer Lingus is now planning on rejoining the alliance within the next two years. The airline left the alliance in 2006 after a shift in the company’s strategy but the strategy has changed once more after IAG purchased the company for 1.4 billion euros last year.

“The plan is Aer Lingus will rejoin the oneworld alliance and therefore will benefit from the arrangements that apply. I would expect it in 2017, but I don’t have an exact date” said IAG CEO Willie Walsh.

Aer Lingus will also join the Oneworld transatlantic joint-venture, which currently consists of American Airlines, Iberia, British Airways and Finnair.

“We don’t have a specific timeline. We’re working as quickly as we can. But these issues aren’t always as simple as they might appear. IT tends to be the issue that drives the timeline on most of this – getting the Aer Lingus systems capable of interacting with the other Oneworld carrier systems.”


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