Boeing and STAECO Partnership for Converted 737-800 Freighters 

© Boeing
Boeing and Taikoo Aircraft Engineering Company., Ltd. (STAECO) have made an agreement that the Chinese firm will provide conversion services for the Boeing 737-800 (BCF) program.

The Jinan-based MRO will accompany Boeing Shanghai Aviation Services in providing the conversion  for the program, which was launched in February.

The -800 series is the first Next-generation 737 that is offered for conversion. Modifications from a passenger to a freighter include the installation of a main-deck cargo door, a cargo-handling system, and space for four crew or passengers.

According to Boeing, the -800BCF will have a max payload of 52,800 pounds (23,950 kg) of cargo on the main deck, organized in 12 pallets, 11 standard and one half-pallet, providing 5,000 cubic feet of space. There is an added 1,540 cubic feet of space in the lower holds.

Boeing has been awarded up to 60 orders from global customers, most of which are Chinese cargo airlines, accounting for half the order book. China Postal Airlines and YTO Airlines have ordered 10 conversions each. A commitment has been made from Shenzhen-based SF Airlines.

The first Boeing 737-800(BCF) is scheduled to be delivered in Q4 2017.


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