American Airlines Completes US Airways Main Fleet Repaint

AA has announced that the last of the 299 mainline aircraft with the US Airways livery, has been repainted in the newest American livery, which was launched in January of 2013 a month before the merger announcement.

© American Airlines
This aircraft, an Airbus A321 (N563UW, MSN 5368) was painted at Grissmon Joint Air Reserve Base, then reintroduced into the fleet on November  22 as it flew to Philadelphia as AA9635.

American created a neat animation on how the A321 looked before and after the repaint.

As part of AA’S heritage livery fleet, one A321 (N578UW, MSN 6035) will remain in the US Airways livery.

American Airlines has also stated that a few regional aircraft will sill operate in the US Airways Express livery until March 2017, while the classic livery from 1960 will be around for a short time longer, as the Boeing 737-800 painting will be completed by the end of next year.

Some of the aging Boeing 757s, and the rest of the McDonnell Douglas MD-80s will continue to fly in the previous livery until their retirement. The silver livery will presumably be retired once the last of the MD-80s leave the fleet, scheduled for Summer of 2018.



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