Iran Air Cuts Airbus Order

IranAir has announced changes to the Airbus order which took place earlier this year.

© Mehrad Watson

The order now only contains 100 aircraft, which now consists of 16 A350-1000s, 18 A330-900neos, 21 A330ceos, 24 A320neos, and 21 A320ceos. In total, the order dropped all of the 12 A380 orders and reduced the A330ceo orders by 6 aircraft.

This order update follows IranAir’s announcement for a deal with Boeing which includes purchasing 80 aircraft for a total of US$16.6 billion at list prices. The cancellation of the A380’s may have been sought out as rumors circulated about the airline not purchasing the type.

“Although the nominal value of the contract for 188 Airbus planes had been announced at $25 billion, the A380 planes have been dropped from this contract, so the value of our Airbus contract will not be more than $10 billion,” said Farhad Parvaresh, Iran Air CEO.



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