Investigators say faulty flaps are probably to blame in the Tu-154 crash

The investigators have analyzed the data from the black box they’ve recovered from the Black Sea.

The Tu-154B-2, RA-85572, involved in the accident. Copyright: Alexander Usanov on wikimedia

This analysis has revealed that faulty flaps could be the cause for the crash.
According to the pro-Kremlin Life news website the flaps did not retract in sync causing the pilots to lose control of the aircraft as it was at a “critical angle”.

The Life also quoted the crew’s last words, including: “The flaps, hell… !”

The latest findings allegedly come from a cockpit conversation stored on the flight’s main “black box” data recorder, which was found underwater about a mile from the shore.
An earlier audio recording, played on Russian media, said to be of the final conversation between air traffic controllers and the plane’s crew, revealed no sign of difficulties.

But Life, a new site which is close to the Russian security agencies, issued a transcript of the cockpit recording taken from the “black box”, indicating the two pilots were taken by surprise.

These were the pilots’ last words:

  • “Speed 300 (inaudible)”
  • “(Inaudible).”
  • “I’ve pulled in the landing gear, commander.”
  • “(Inaudible).”
  • “Oh bloody hell!”

Piercing alarm sounds

  • “The flaps, hell, what a…!”
  • “The altimeter!”
  • “We’re in… (inaudible).”

Alarm sounds about dangerous proximity to the ground

  • “(Inaudible).”
  • “Commander we’re falling!”

 A second flight recorder has been recovered in good condition and raised from the seabed on Wednesday, the defense ministry said.

Only fifteen bodies have been recovered so far out of the total of 92 fatalities.


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