Pegasus Airlines to secure PIA 737 wet-lease contract 

PIA – Pakistan International Airlines is in talks with Pegasus Airlines over the proposed wet-lease of four B737-800s, Pakistan aviation officials have told the SriLankaMirror news site.

A Pegasus B737-800. Copyright: Marco Blume/
A team from the Turkish carrier was in Pakistan last week for talks concerning the proposed contract.

Documents seem by ch-aviation indicate that Pegasus’ proposal, which is about the wet-lease of msn 40722, 40876, 40697 and 40720, was names as the preferred bid, followed by Corendon Airlines with the lease of three B737-800s, Travel Services with the lease of one B737-800, AtlasGlobal with the lease of two A320-200s and Bulgaria Air with the lease of two A320-200s.

Bids from Travel Service for one B737-900(ER) and one B737-800 and one from ASL Airlines were rejected owing to incomplete documentation.


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